Conveyors are one of the main components of the lines. They guarantee the correct functioning of the plant, and communicate to the machinery the speed to be maintained during production. For this, reliability and periodic maintenance of conveyors is critical.


1. Constant Production 

Preventive maintenance of conveyors is necessary to avoid unwanted interruptions, caused by failures or malfunctions, which would block the transport of materials along machinery

2. Avoid breakdowns and downtime

Unhauled conveyors could cause production stoppages and, subsequently, considerable economic damage. Our planning activity would help keeping the performance of the machines high, in order to prevent problems and saving time and money. Among the advantages of choosing BBM: technical assistance available  24/7 

3. Optimize line layout

During the maintenance process, an analysis of the current efficiency of the plant is be carried out. Once problems have been identified, we propose improvement solutions aimed at optimizing production, also with regard to space management.

4. Complete conveyor overhaul

To put the conveyor belts back and new and ensure a performance equal to the latest generation’s, our technicians carry out maintenance of the individual parts, replacement of worn components and restoration of missing elements

5. Updates and Upgrades

To meet new production and market needs, we carry out upgrades and upgrades of existing conveyor belts, trying to recover as much as possible from the used equipment, ensuring considerable economic savings and a sustainable choice.

Before conveyor maintenance

After conveyor maintenance

At the end of the maintenance process, we provide a report of the activities performed, complete with any suggested improvements to increase the performance of the bottling line even more. In addition to the maintenance service, BBM is also a supplier of all types of compatible and guaranteed spare parts for a conveyor that is always at maximum performance. To carry out your conveyor maintenance, contact us to make an appointment, also via video call.

We offer complete maintenance services on conveyor belts of bottles and packages of any kind. Our procedure involves the dismantling of the carpets for a complete overhaul and cleaning of the plant.

Thanks to our specialized technicians, and the experience of our technical department  we are able to offer tailor-made solutions, preventive maintenance and advice on the current situation of the line. In addition, we offer a flexible and fast field technical assistance service, also for the verification of further improvements for production optimization.

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