Stella Rosa Wines is a premium wine brand that has been bottling a special product derived from the aromatic grapes of Piedmont since 1917. Today, Stella Rosa Wines is the market leader in the US with a wide range of aromatized wines.


Stella Rosa Wines needed a line for the automated packaging of a new product: cans of wine, flavored in different flavors. The 250 ml cans were to be packed in multi-flavor packs in a fully automated way.

To meet the requirements of Stella Rosa Wines, BBM Service developed an ad hoc project complete with automatic package handling. BBM Service’s engineering department designed and installed the entire packaging system at the Carrara (MS) plant, starting with the accumulation tables, through which the cans of different flavours are fed into the Smipack Wrap Around WPS 600R carton former.

Then, the cartons pass on to the ‘American box’ style packaging, equipped with Pick & Place, a machine studied, designed and manufactured entirely by BBM, to the customer’s specific requirements. The Pick & Place system is a compact and versatile solution, used to create multi-layer configurations, to handle or insert products into boxes, trays or blisters. Each Pick and Place can be customised for the product to be handled and the application required, providing the flexibility needed for each application.

Thanks to the BBM packaging system, loose cans are arranged in multi-flavour packs, which are then inserted, through the Pick and Place manipulator, inside multilayer boxes in two possible formats (3×2 pack and 4×2 pack).

The BBM Service included packaging and transport of the goods to the customer’s premises, basic training during pre-testing of the machine, installation and start-up of the line.

We would like to thank all the Stella Rosa Wines personnel for the cooperation and availability shown during the days on site.


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