Casa Girelli, an historic Italian wine company that produces wines of excellence and belongs to the Cavit Group, required our technical consultation and intervention to solve their tricky production problem


The winemaker had problems with their production of wine in truncated-cone bottles, which were constantly falling off during transport on the conveyor belts, causing slowdowns and production stoppages.

Casa Girelli came to us for technical consultation on their problem and we carried out an audit, during which the trouble with the truncated-cone bottles was detected. This is a very common problem for those using bottles of this shape, which have only one point of contact with each other and not two, and are therefore more unstable when they are close together, for example on accumulation tables or on multi-line conveyors.

After examining the plant and the production line, we evaluated and proposed the best technical solution to their problem.

We worked on optimising their line, relocating some machines correctly and adding upgrades and modifications to eliminate their problem. We then minimised the contact points between bottles with the help of new side guides, specifically designed for their system.

We then switched to single-line production, increasing the speed of the line to overcome the removal of the accumulation tables.

Casa Girelli is founded in 1966 and nowadays produces wines of excellence with grapes sourced from vineyards selected among the best in Italy. It’s based in Trento but export in over 50 countries in the world, working with the most important international distributors. It produces almost 130 different labels, 20 of them are Italian controlled appellation wines.

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